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Montecchio is a city centre with a rich history. It is the second largest hamlet of the Giano dell’Umbria Municipality and, even now, it is one of the most vital communities of this territory.

Geographically it is located next to the Flaminia vetus, in an area bordering between the antique territories of Spoleto and Todi, along with the other castles of Giano it makes up a territorial entity that has however reached the present day with an identity that is pretty much defined.



Ancile shield, with a star with six beams at the head, at the tip three mountains, with the central one, in the taller one emerging in the background. The most significant coat of arms is the one set above the door of the ancient Town hall: shaped shield, externally decorated with the culminating mask, aligned mountains with the central one emerging slightly.

Other coat of arms are depicted in the canvases of the “Sposalizio della Vergine e della Madonna del Rosario”, found in the parish church of San Bartolomeo, and those sculpted in the plaque set on the left wall of the access stairway to the upper floor of the ancient Hosteria, in certain tombstones of the above mentioned parish church with the “horse head” shield and, probably, in the artistic composition set on the wall above the castle access door.


From the SOUTH

  • from the Orte exit of the A1 Autostrada motorway
  • go along State Road E45 direction towards Perugia, Massa Martana exit
  • Continue towards Bastard /Foligno
  • after approximately 15 km you will reach the Montecchio hamlet of Giano dell’Umbria.

From the NORTH

  • from the A1 autostrada motorway, Bettolle-Valdichiana exit
  • continue on the E45 State Road towards Perugia, Ripabianca exit
  • continue towards Bastardo – Giano dell’Umbria – Todi
  • pass through the town of Bastardo and continue on the main road towards Massa Martana for 4 km
  • reach the Montecchio hamlet of Giano dell’Umbria

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latitude 42.833523 – longitude 12.5778269

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