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Gastronomy is our strong point; this is what differentiates us more than anything from the competition!

In fact, everything we cook is exclusively our own production!

The pasta is homemade, the beef, ovine meat and pork comes from our breeding farm located on the premises that you can visit at any time!

Besides the beef cattle, mainly Chianina race, we also have some milk cows! Every morning and evening we have fresh milk that we use to make fresh or seasoned cheeses, ricotta, spreadable cheese and yogurt!

Throughout the winter period, and not only, you can taste our chickpea, spelt or lentil soups, even these are our own production!

On the farm there is also a small wood mill with a millstone used to obtain both durum wheat and common wheat flour, using our wheat. Using this flour, very different from the commercial ones, because it is not refined and is whole wheat, we prepare many dishes such as pasta, focaccia, cookies and cakes for breakfast!

For cooking we exclusively use our extra virgin oil coming from our different species of olive trees, among them Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoiano and San Felice, this last one is an indigenous species that only grows in our area!

Every meal will be accompanied by our red or white bulk wine; you can however choose from the bottled ones and, among them, the famous Montefalco Red wine!

Every morning for breakfast there will be a great variety of choices of good foods to eat!!! Homemade cakes, different every morning, cookies made using our flour, rusks, jam from our own production (organic blackberries, peaches, grapes and apples …), mixed flower honey, yogurt and fresh cow’s milk! In short, everything you need to have the correct energy to start a day discovering beautiful Umbria, or spending hours among our olive groves and visiting the farm!

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